Simplifying Your Practice - Research

Research Available to All Advisors:

Worldsource Securities Advisors are equipped with access to industry-leading research provided by:

  • National Bank Financial
  • Credit Suisse First Boston

Market Watch: Optimum Research and Services

Developed exclusively for Worldsource Advisors, Market Watch hosts a well-organized library of concise information on profiles, fund spotlights, monthly ranking, new product and special reports. Market Watch is the Worldsource Securities Advisor link to market commentary and unbiased information on network products.

Special Reports

Special Reports and Newsletters provide commentary on a wide range of investment topics such as recent market and economic performance, specialized investments, and multi-national market events.

Under the Independent model, Advisors are encouraged to sign up with any research provider they choose without limit to what is offered by their current firm. A full suite of research options is available through Dow Jones, S&P, Reuters and Bloomberg.