Advisor Services and Solutions


Gain Time for What Matters Most – Your Clients

By utilizing our range of resources, you can focus on what matters most: meeting the needs of your clients. With our sophisticated array of technologies, tools and resources, you’ll gain added efficiencies, time and capacity to augment – and possibly expand – your services to clients.


Unwavering Compliance Support 

With WSI you will have the resources of a dedicated compliance team with direct IIROC experience. Their expertise and knowledge will help you navigate through the complexities of regulatory change and compliance challenges. The team is focused on offering expert guidance, support and advice to best protect your interests, as you run your business. They are committed to simplifying and automating various compliance functions through our advisor back-office platform.


Full-Service Partnerships

As your strategic partner, WSI delivers enhanced operational processes and state-of-the-art technologies that can boost the overall efficiency of your practice. Through our carrying broker, NBIN, we will provide trade execution and clearing functions to WSI investment advisors, including new issues in all equity and bond markets, domestic and global.

Additional record keeping and operational services, including custody of securities and cash balances, and extension of credit on margin transactions, are also available.


Convenient Portfolio Access for Investors

Our Investor site provides instant portfolio access, helping you build stronger and more trusting relationships with your clients. It is transparent, convenient, secure and easy to use, while allowing seamless access to a full suite of documentation, including their KYC (Know Your Client) information.


Online Storage and Security

Our online document storage provides added security and makes day-to-day operations more efficient. It also decreases document processing expenses, provides a highly reliable and verifiable audit trail, and offers a centralized repository for managing key documents.


Products, Services and Research 

WSI provides access to a broad range of investment products, programs and services, as well as independent institutional and non-proprietary research from third-party providers and analysts.

Special Reports and newsletters provide commentary on a wide range of investment topics, such as recent market and economic performance, specialized investments and multi-national market events. A wide-ranging suite of unbiased market research and analysis is available through Dow Jones, S&P, Reuters and Bloomberg.

Additionally, WSI offers access to over 6,000 mutual funds from a number of manufacturers.