Investing For Your Needs - Services And Products

Unlimited Options

Whether your need is for retirement planning, wealth preservation, or tax minimization, having a sound financial strategy is key to the performance of your portfolio. With access to a broad range of proprietary-free products, our Investment Advisors will help you achieve your financial goals.

Investment Products

  • Canadian and U.S. equities and equity options on all major exchanges
  • Fixed income, including Government and Corporate bonds, stripped coupons and GIC's
  • Money market instruments including T-bills and Bankers Acceptance
  • High-yielding investment-trust units and preferred shares
  • Best-of-breed managed and wrap account products
  • New issues

Whether you're looking for growth, the safety of fixed income, or the ease of diversification offered by funds, our Investment Advisors can help you choose the right financial portfolio with the right products for you.

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