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The Value of Advice: Working with a Worldsource Securities Advisor


The Value of Advice 

A multi-faceted approach is required to address the challenges of investing, goal planning, wealth accumulation and preservation, and efficient tax and estate planning. An investment advisor is someone who can help you navigate this course.

Worldsource Securities Inc. (WSI) investment advisors are industry-leading professionals who offer comprehensive financial planning solutions and sound investment advice. They will help you develop a results-oriented strategy, based on your unique financial objectives. Armed with an array of products, services and programs at their disposal, WSI investment advisors will utilize sophisticated portfolio management techniques to manage your personal portfolio.


Why Work with a Worldsource Securities Investment Advisor?

At WSI, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and providing the support needed for investors to achieve their financial goals. Together with your investment advisor, we will focus on service excellence at all times and providing education to help you make informed choices. Respecting (and securing) your privacy is of paramount importance. As a result, WSI will use your personal and financial information only for account management purposes.


Understanding Your Investment Landscape

After selecting an investment advisor, the next step is to create a strategic plan that addresses your unique financial milestones now – and for the future.




Understanding Your Investment Landscape



Convenient Portfolio Access




Convenient Portfolio Access

Our investor website provides you with valuable, instant access to all your portfolio activity. It’s convenient, secure and easy to use – and accessible by browser or on mobile devices. It also allows seamless access to other important information, such as additional investment resources and your investment profile, which includes the essential Know Your Client (KYC) form.

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